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Exclusive Listings

This is an exclusive listing. The display of these pictures or plant description is a violation of copyright laws.


New Equipment:

1,000 gallon Asphalt Calibration Tank. Portable. Complete with scales and calibration weights.


Weighs about 5,000#. Pulls easily with a 3/4 ton pickup.


Mounted on 3 RICE-LAKE 5k Load-cells.


Includes Cardinal "Detecto" Model 201. Comes in a remote enclosure that can mount on

 the Cal-Tank or we can add shield cable long enough to reach the control room if desired.





* * *********************************************************************************** * *

We are now the Western Regional US & Canadian

dealer for all Hauck Asphalt Plant Products.


* * * ************************************************************************** *


New, Used and Rebuilt Burners


New & Used Burner Controls



Gas Burner, Complete w/Gas Train, Regulator and Controls.


New ones going through shop monthly.

New Honeywell 810 Servo-Actuator

New 3" Gas Manifold

New 3" Gas Train

New 2" Gas Regulator

NEW Stainless Combustion Ring

NEW Burner Controls Similar to Controls Below

We will provide either Desktop or Panel Mount Controls


* * *********************************************************************************** * *


Used Hauck SJO-4580

Oil, Gas Burner.

Built in 1991.

Used Hauck Burner to include the following equipment:

  • 120,000,000 BTU.
  • Unit sold "As-Is", or could be rebuilt in our shops. 


* * *********************************************************************************** * *

New Honeywell Burner Controls for Oil & Gas Burners.

Stand-Alone or Panel Mount

This particular unit is a stand-alone control featuring Honeywell controls. We can  also build these

into your existing control panels. They come with electrical diagrams and operational instructions.

In general, these controls include the following equipment:

  • Honeywell UDC-3200 Burner Position Controller.
  • Honeywell UDC-2500 Exhaust Stack/Baghouse Controller.
  • Honeywell RM-7898 A 1000 Flame Controller.
  • Honeywell C7027A 1049 Mini-Peeper Flame Eyes.
  • Honeywell R-7849 A 1023 Ultra Violet Amplifier.
  • Honeywell ST-7800 A 1021 Purge Timer.

This is the general configuration, however the components will vary by application.


* * * * *

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C. M. Consulting
Terms and Conditions of Sale

This unit is subject to prior sale. Sales price does not include field service for start-up assistance. Start-up assistance is available through C.M. Consulting, Inc. at standard shop rates. The customer is responsible for all applicable state, local, federal, or provincial taxes, duties or exchanges. The above dimensions are approximate only and are not guaranteed. C.M. Consulting, Inc. does not extend any warranty, expressed or implied, or warranty of fitness, or merchantability, or compliance with the laws of Canada, the United States, or of any other jurisdiction.

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