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C. M. Consulting
P.O. Box 407
Odell, Oregon 97044
United States
Phone: 541-352-7942
Fax: 541-352-7943



A Division of Cliff Mansfield Incorporated

Specializing in New & Used Asphalt Plants,
Sales, Parts, Service, Repairs,
DEQ and Mix Design Compliance and
Complete Consulting Services.

  A partial list of services offered:


  Energy Audits
    1- Analyze fuel usage.
    2- Identify materials wastage (oil, aggregate, etc.).
    3- Identify operational waste (time) in ongoing operations.
   4- Train personnel in waste abatement.

   Plant tear-down, re-set and restarts

  New plant installations

  Personnel Training
    1- Plant start-up and shut-down protocols.
    2- Ongoing daily plant operations.
    3- Daily maintenance and lubrication issues.

  Operational Troubleshooting
    1- Reduction of oil, fuel and aggregate waste during plant start-up and shut-down.
    2- Baghouse dust issues.
    3- Optimizing fuel consumption and exhaust system life.
    4- Segregation issues.
    5- Asphalt oil inconsistency issues.
    6- Mix design compliance.

  Calibration Troubleshooting
    1- Belt scale problems.
    2- Asphalt ratio system problems.
    3- Mix design issues.

  Computer Troubleshooting
    1- Control System installations.
    2- Load Out System installations.

  Emissions Testing & Troubleshooting

    1- State & Federal Certified Emissions Testing
    2- Particulate emissions
    3- Blue smoke abatement

  Mechanical Troubleshooting
    1- Dryer trunnion/tire adjustments and repairs.
    2- Dryer flighting to optimize fuel consumption and drying efficiency.
    3- Optimizing exhaust air flow at your facility.
    4- Optimizing burner efficiency at your facility.

  Safety Training
    1- Safety during plant start-up and shut-down.
    2- Safety during daily plant operations.
    3- Safely performing daily maintenance and lubrication.


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For excellent help with all paving issues please contact our good friend John Ball at Top Quality Paving.

    John S. Ball, III brings more than 30 years of experience in the asphalt contracting business to his clients. He has held various positions during his career including rolling, paving, project management, District Manager and Director of Training. He is a member of National Asphalt Pavement Association and is involved in the leadership of New Hampshire Good Roads Association, an organization for the promotion of good highway roads in the state of New Hampshire.
John is currently the owner of Top Quality Paving and Training (T.Q.P.) which specializes in best practice and getting back to the basics for the asphalt industry. T.Q.P. is a training and consulting firm utilizing video and hands on presentations detailing success in developing and implementing employee training programs. John's specialty is achieving compaction and rideability on QC/QA Projects. John is a lecturer for numerous asphalt paving associations and manufacturers in the asphalt industry.
    He has had international experience working in Saudi Arabia, England and Ireland. John has hosted numerous training seminars for national publications. His articles appear regularly in The Asphalt Contractor. John has created a complete training library: employee guidelines, employee job descriptions, pocket conversion tables and over 100 training videos. John uses video critiques of paving operations as a tool to improve quality. He is the author of numerous articles on top quality paving techniques.
Please visit his website-  tqpaving.com



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