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C. M. Consulting
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A Division of Cliff Mansfield Incorporated

Specializing in New & Used Asphalt Plants,
Sales, Parts, Service, Repairs,
DEQ and Mix Design Compliance and
Complete Consulting Services. 

Expert Witness Services.

Exclusive Asphalt Plant Listings.

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This site updated November 05, 2020


We are a Dealer for Bacharach Combustion Analyzers.







We offer competitive pricing on all their products. Give us a call. We personally use their PCA400.




This in addition to our association with HAUCK/Honeywell Asphalt Plant Burner Systems as of February 1st we are their Northwestern Regional Dealer. This includes Montana west to the Pacific and Oregon north to the Arctic Circle. In Canada our area is Manitoba west. In the Southwest we serve Louisiana, Oklahoma and Texas. We will offer New Burner Solutions, Parts, Tuning and trouble shooting. Please call with anything we can help you on. We will be offering the same knowledgeable "hands on" approach to your problems that we have been known for in the past.

Hauck is being added to our long time association with-

Asphalt Drum Mixers.
Systems Equipment Corporation.


Process Heating Company.


We are actively seeking a Sales Manager for our Canadian territory. The successful candidate will demonstrate an ability to work on his own and a knowledge of asphalt plants and their processes.

Contact Cliff by email- cmconsulting@hotmail.com



Got a problem with your asphalt plant? We can help. We offer tear-down and set-up services.

We work on all brands of asphalt plants and service EVERYTHING we sell!

    We also offer Air Quality Assistance and Mix Design Compliance Assistance.

And we have highly qualified asphalt plant operators available on a daily basis.


Consulting Help with your Plant Purchases

   Looking to buy a new or used asphalt plant?  Yes, I can help you. However, I should mention that I am not a plant broker. Plant brokers simply find you a plant, tack on 8% to 10% to the price, then sell you the thing. After that, they contact companies like mine to help you get it running.
  Here at C.M. Consulting, we operate a little bit differently. First, we find out what you need, what you can afford, what the state requirements are for your area and what the EPA requirements are. Then we look through our inventory of 'owner direct' used plants to see if any of these would meet your needs. If so, we send you pictures and a description of the plant. If you are interested, we give you the owner's name and number and you call them to work out whatever deal you can. We make money off the deal only if you hire our company to help you set the plant up and train your operator.
  If a used plant does not fit your needs, we go to our extensive contacts among the new plant manufacturers. We then negotiate on your behalf to get you the correct equipment at the best price possible. If you are interested in their proposal, we put you in touch with the highest ranking individual we know in that company (in several cases it will be the owner). You, again, will negotiate your best direct price, cutting out the middle men and saving around 10%. As before, we make money off the deal only if you ask the manufacturer to hire our company to help you set the plant up and train your operator.
  As you can see, we are a different kind of company, unique in the industry. We have extensive experience with many of the manufacturers, having installed new plants for many of them in some very exotic locations. I, personally, have been to 85 countries on 6 continents in the last 10 years.
  I would suggest that your first goal should be to obtain the “conditional use” permit necessary to operate an asphalt plant on your existing property. At the same time you should contact the local air quality authority and apply for a “source permit”. This rather ominous sounding item is simply a permit to pollute-- albeit in a limited and regulated manner. Next, you should contact whatever cities, counties and state entities that you hope to sell to and get a copy of their asphalt plant regulations. I do not charge anyone for phone consultations, so please call if I can be of any help.

Contact us - 

USA 541 352 7942




Expert Witness Services

Asphalt Plant Accidents

Asphalt Oil Handling Accidents

Tear-Down and Re-Set Issues

Any Issue relating to Asphalt Plants and their use


C.V., Rates and References available upon request.




Exclusive listings, not available anywhere else.

If you see these plants listed elsewhere please call me immediately.

See "Equipment Sales" page for new listing of  Plants & Equipment.

Updated November 05, 2020


1998 ALmix 6626 Portable Drum Plant. New to Market.

Complete & ready to run.


New, Used & Rebuilt Burners for Sale.


Hauck ESII- 150 MM BTU Natural Gas Burner for sale.

Available NOW.

Other Sizes Available. We also build new controls.

We have a limited supply of rare, used GenCo Genie Burner Control Parts.


ADM SPL-60 Portable Drum Mixer.
Used, NICE Condition.
Located in Washington State.
See "Equipment Sales" page for information on these plants & Equipment.
We also have various other components for sale.


                                        ASPHALT PLANT PARTS SALES

All Makes and Models.

Call for a Parts Quote- USA 541 352 7942

Burners, Controls, Computer Control Systems, Load-Out Systems, Motor Controls, Hard parts, Whatever you need.



From "High Efficiency" flighting to drum Tire & Trunnions. Feeder bins to Drum shells, we offer "Custom Built" components. We will copy any plant component or "Design-Build" to your specifications. Give us a call.



We have a proprietary flight design that solves the elevated Baghouse temperature problem in parallel flow drum plants. We are also experienced in mitigating that pesky "Blue Smoke" problem that plague most parallel flow plants. We offer consulting services at your facility to identify problems at your plant and we formulate a plan to bring it into DEQ compliance.



                 Stack Emissions Preparation

    We are now offering full service training to prepare your plant for emissions stack testing and DEQ Compliance with any brand asphalt plant in the US, including Alaska, Hawaii and Western Canada.


                                       Call 541 352 7942 or email for details and a quote.



                           Remote Infra-Red Thermometers

    C.M. Consulting is proud to announce the introduction of our IR-TC01 infrared thermometer package. These units mount on the drum frame and the sensor provides a direct "real time" temperature reading of your hot mix to your existing temperature meter. No more wondering if your thermocouple is reading correctly. And no more having a man at the boot of the drag with a hand held infra-red thermometer relaying temperatures by hand signals to the operator.

                                                         Call or email for details and a quote.





Also called a "Combination Plant".

The versatility of a batch plant, the production of a drum plant!

Click this link to view


Laser Trunnion Alignment Tools

Simplify the trunnion adjustment ordeal!

Click this link to view

We are going into production. We have a limited number of units for sale now.



Instructional Article Listings

Click this link to view our extensive list of Published Instructional Articles





Asphalt Plant Upgrades and Retrofits

CM Consulting specializes in plant upgrades and modifications. We solve low production issues, pollution compliance issues and efficiency problems. We can modernize your plant with the latest components, electronic controls, digital computer controls, burners and burner controls.

We build NEW Control Houses for Drum & Batch Plants, Sand Drying & Classifying Plants  and Gold Processing Plants.

Burner and Systems ADP-100 Computer Control Panel. We are a Systems Dealer.


The Feeders and Asphalt Pump control Panel w/ammeters. We use Frequency Drives to control these motors.

This control house was built to fit an ADM-SPL-110 drum plant in Hawaii.




We Build Generator Trailers to fit specific applications.


This is a power trailer we built for an asphalt plant on Maui in Hawaii.


We used a "Low-Hour" Detroit MTU 600 kW main Gen-Set. The exhaust goes out the side of the trailer because Hawaii Department of Health required that the generator's exhaust exited at the same height of the plant's main exhaust stack.


This is a John Deere 100 kW night time generator. The big muffler is for the main gen-set, but we can't use it on Maui.


This is a 1,250 amp manual transfer switch built to allow changing between generators.

Call us with your power needs and we will quote you a portable unit like these. We can also build these into Shipping Containers. The Control Houses will fit in 20 footers, the generators in 40'.


 We Proudly Support Our Troops Around the World!

If you can't stand behind our troops, please stand in front of them.

 Semper Fi!


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